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les chasseurs de rêves



The Dream Hunters showcase extraordinary characters, gigantic puppets created from scratch, and handled by stilt walkers!

This mixed tribe has travelled the world for more than twenty years, constantly innovating and inventing itself.

A fusion of visual arts, circus arts and street theatre, the characters from the Dream Hunters come alive and express themselves through the lens of the great ideals that are Beauty, Freedom, Harmony.

Thanks to the power of theatrical play and the beauty of the characters, they aim at bringing out their guiding source of inspiration, at being its extension and making it perceptible to the audience.

The creators draw their inspiration from nature, and breathe life into the scenography by showing its mysterious power, but also all that it manifests.

It has discreetly performed on all continents and has captivated thousands of spectators, moved by a genuine, although demanding interpretation. From 1996 to 2001 they were the stars in Disney’s Epcot and Animal Kingdom parks, in China, Belgium, at the Festival Cultural de Mayo de Mexico, in Spain, Romania and recently Colombia. 

Le  Cirque du Soleil  has included them in many events in South Africa, Rome, Mexico, England, Las Vegas…

Settled in Quebec, they quickly brought their own personal kind of contribution to many events, including:

The Cirque du Soleil’s street show,  Les chemins invisibles (the Invisible paths) presented at Québec in 2009, Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival, the Quebec summer festival, the Pan American games (Toronto, 2015), le FIAM de Jonquière (The World Puppet Theatre Festival, in Jonquière), the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival, Montreal’s 375th, and Quebec’s 400th anniversary, to name but a few.

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