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Great and graceful birds, escaped from a lost paradise, invite us to join their dance. They mesmerize us and take us to a whirlwind of beauty, poetry and magic! These passing birds, emerging from a dreamlike world, stimulate the desire to follow them, to play with them, to immerse in the atmosphere of their fanciful world.

These puppet birds are ridden by splendidly attired stilt walkers, and follow their tamer in a choreographed walk, interspersed with magical moments and cheekiness.

Their interaction with the audience raises enthusiasm and enjoyment, their unusual figure invites us to rediscover our inner child.  


And when the night comes they drape themselves with their garments of light, a mysterious atmosphere settles, and we powerfully feel the intimate feeling of passing into the other world, the world of extraordinary adventure. The audience feeds on their splendor and is thus filled with new hope and creative inspiration, with a fresh look on the universe and its secrets.

Street performance, animation show, urban circus.

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