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Dispatched from the forest, a delegation of woodland ambassadors comes to us after a long journey. They show an expression fitting the circumstances, bearing a high priority message. These great wood wisemen, from a long line that draws the news from the universe from the center of the Earth, compel us to honor nature, to regain our common sense and humanity. These noble emissaries invite us to grasp the spirit’s breath to cherish the Earth and read in the wind its rituals and mysteries.

Here is in essence, the opinion they give us.

With the mask Forest, the forest spirits waltz in the movement of myths and songs. The Totem figures, under their barks, have these energies within and share them with the amazed audience. Entering the mask forest carries us elsewhere, to an enchanting world. A mystical moment suffused with strength and beauty.

Street performance, animation show, urban circus.

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